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Adopt a Puffin

Everybody loves a Puffin, they are colourful and characterful seabirds. The British Isles has 10% of the world’s population of Puffins, but unfortunately, Puffins are in decline throughout Europe, Puffins are status Amber in the UK Birds of Conservation Concern and they need our help.

Why is the Puffin under Threat?

Because their breeding population is concentrated in a small number of areas they are very vulnerable to adverse environmental changes at these sites such as predators and pollution.

Threats include:

  • Changes in the number and distribution of small fish, their food supply, chicks and adults can starve as food supplies are low.
  • Ground predators, such as rats, minks and cats on their breeding sites.
    Rats are over-running nesting colonies eating chicks and eggs.
  • Pollution such as oil spillages affects birds and their food chain.

The RSPB believes realistic conservation measures involve sustainable sea fishing, reduction in marine pollution and preventing predators from reaching their nesting colonies.

We face losing 8 million Puffins over the next 50 years.
Help us to help Puffins by Adopting a Puffin through the Wildlife Trust