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Eco15 Drybag Float User Review

Eco15 Drybag Float User Review.


The Puffin Billy Eco15 Drybag Tow Float is a 15L bright tow float to help make you more visible to other water users whilst swimming. It has a dry bag compartment in which you can store small items once it’s inflated. This area is ideal for storing car keys safely, small snacks, water, and a mobile (although I would put the phone in an extra waterproof case for security).

I have used the Eco15 drybag tow float for all my swims both in the lakes and the sea. It is very easy to inflate and blows up to an ideal size that can be used as a buoyancy aid if you ever take a mouth full of water and need to tread water to recover. There is also very little drag from it. The waistband is adjustable and comfy to wear. On occasions, I have stopped to check it’s still behind me as it does not restrict my swimming at all.

Billy Eco15 Drybag Float

I also love that the Eco15 drybag tow float is made from recycled plastic waste, making it eco-friendly and is PVC-free.

Never leave home for an outdoor swim without it!

Reviewed by Jan Sutcliffe.


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