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Tow Floats

Which swim tow float should I choose?

his really depends on wether you might want to carry items with you when you swim.

If you would like to take items such as keys. Phone, snacks, with you when you swim it would be a good idea to chose a Billy Dry bag tow float. Remember you can always use the float empty, just inflated with air if you choose. A dry dag tow flaot gives you both options.

If you don’t need to take anything with you whilst swimming, perhps you can ;eave your keys elsewhere, maybe you’re swimming with a group or not going so far, then you can choose a Bubble float, this is simply an inflatable bubble of air, its bright coulred and simple.

Of-course you could get one of each type for different purposes.

Can I get a replacement waist strap / leash for my Puffin Swim tow float?

Yes of course. If your stockist does not have a supply we can help.

I like a Billy Drybag float, which size should I get?

The smaller sizes 15/20L and 28L are all very popular and which one you pick might depend on how much you want to take with you. 15/20L is good for keys and phone and other small, lighter weight items. 28L is better for your small personal items plus perhaps a t-shirt or small towel and flip flops. Remember the more items you place in a drybag float the more of the ‘airspace it will take up. You will always need enough air in to enable your bag to float.

What can I put in a Billy Drybag float?

Anything you would like to take with you on your swim, some people take keys, phone, energy food, drinks, medication, camera, lightweight footwear etc.

Remember what ever you take does have to be fairly lightweight.

We recommend placing electronic and other valuable items in a waterproof pouch before placing inside the drybag float.

How do I attach the tow float to myself?

Its very simple, attach you float to the short leash and then clip this to the wait belt (all provided), then clip the waist belt around your waist adjusting to fit if necessary.

Puffin floats are lightweight and the shape is designed to cause minimal drag, you’re unlikely to notice your float whilst swimming, it floats behind you just above your bum. You may notice it in windy weather if the wind is coming from behind you.

Remember to keep the items you place in your float lightweight.

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