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Our Heritage

Based in the English Lake District surrounded by water, Puffin Swim launched in 2018 and grew out of an excellent heritage.

Puffin Swim was developed by Pete and Andrea Kelly who run the adventure swimming company Swim the Lakes. They have pioneered adventure swimming in the Lake District since 2005 and are specialists in outdoor swimming wetsuits and equipment.

Made For Adventure

Puffin Swim is made for swimming adventures, floating down rivers, bobbing along bays, trekking to mountain tarns and gliding along the coast. To go wherever your swimming adventure takes you.
We’ll keep you active, we’ll inspire you to explore a lake, to swim an ocean, to push your boundaries, to relax into your rhythm, and best of all to find yourself.

Passionate About Swimming

Puffin Swim is passionate about swimming outdoors and the real adventure of using swimming as a means to explore the wild environment and travel through open water.
For this, we need reliable, good equipment that will empower us, improve our experience and be functional.

We rely on good equipment day in, day out, for work and play. We have tried and tested all of our products and will continue to source and design the best products for the greatest experiences.

Protecting our Environment

For us at Puffin Swim our love of wild and beautiful places means we are driven to try to reduce our impact upon them and to help protect them.
We support the Wildlife Trust’s Puffin Appeal, you can help too by adopting a puffin, find out more here.

Puffin Swim are the first to launch an eco-friendly tow float in the UK and along with our Recycled range of tow floats and drybags we are leading the way in eco-friendly floats for swimmers, find out more here Eco-friendly and Recycled Swim Tow Floats.

Our Mission

Design products to inspire swimming and adventure.
Use business to raise awareness of environmental issues.


Puffin Swim is a family run business and the trading name of The Outdoor Business Ltd. 2 Compston Road, Ambleside, England. Company Registration No. 07107535 in England and Wales. VAT Registration Number: GB 859369268