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Adventure Lights Tag-It Light


The Guardian Tag-it light packs out a lot of light for its small size. Made by Adventure Lights, the Tag-it lights are waterproof so make the perfect light for night swimming and more. It will help increase your safety in low light conditions for all sorts of adventures. Visible from all sides for up to 5km in darkness.

Attach one to your Puffin swim tow float or place it inside your drybag.

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Full Description

The Adventure Light Tag-it Clip-on Light is a handy compact safety and signal light with a built-in carabiner clip for quick attachment to a variety of items such as tow-floats, goggles, rucksacks, D-rings, straps, handles, belt loops, etc to ensure you become highly visible at night.

The light is visible from all sides for up to 5km in the darkness which makes it perfect for increasing your safety in low light conditions in all kinds of activities such as swimming, kayaking, running, boating, hiking.
If you are heading for a swim clip a waterproof Guardian Tag-it light onto your swim float, D-ring, handle or pop it inside your float. Use can also clip it on to your costume strap.

The Guardian Tag-it Light by Adventure Lights is impact-resistant,  lightweight and waterproof to 100 meters.

They are simple to operate just twist the dome for on/off. To switch between flashing or steady mode you simply unscrew the dome and flip the battery over.


Adventure Light Tag-it Light Features:

  • Omnidirectional Light visible up to 5km in darkness
  • Dual-mode: steady or flashing
  • Twist to turn on/off
  • Battery Duration: Steady on 100hrs / Flashing 240hrs
  • Impact-resistant dome shape
  • Lightweight: 20g including batteries.
  • Waterproof rating: 100 meters
  • Compact shape: 54mmx 34mm x 26mm
  • Available in Green, Red, White, yellow

GREEN – Great all-round bright light which is easy on the eyes

RED – Perfect for maintaining night vision while providing a very visible signal light

WHITE – Very bright, ideal backup torch and for lighting up tow floats

YELLOW – Internationally recognised hazard light colour; a nice bright, warm light which is also great to light up your tow float


Replacement / spare battery available here

Additional Information

White, Green, Red, Yellow

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