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Bubble Float


The Bubble Swim Tow Float is basically a brightly coloured bubble of air which increases the swimmers visibility to other water users, helping to keep the swimmer safer. It also helps boost confidence as swimmers can hold onto the inflated tow float during rest stops.

  • Durable, Bright and lightweight
  • Designed with Optimised Streamlining including a low tow point and efficient shape for reduced drag
  • Swimmers can hold onto the inflated tow float during rest stops

The Bubble float is a simple design, its easy to use and is highly recommended to all open water swimmers who want to be extra visible in the water to help keep them safer.


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Full Description

Product Description

Bright & Light

The Bubble tow float has a 15L volume, is brightly coloured, lightweight and waterproof.
It attaches easily around the swimmer’s waist with the adjustable waist-belt and leash, the bubble will then float behind the swimmer above the thighs and remains out of stroke range, whilst swimming.

Optimised Streamlining

Like all our floats the Bubble Float has been designed with Optimised Streamlining, where we have paid particular attention to the float’s shape, valve position and low tow point attachments which are all designed to reduce drag.

Easy to use

The leash comes ready attached to the float, and the length of this can be adjusted to suit the swimmer. The leash is then simply clipped to the waist-belt. This ensures less chance of losing either leash or waist-belt.

Safer Swimming

The Bubble float is ideal for all open water swimmers who want to be extra visible in the water to help keep them safe whilst swimming and to enable shore-based friends and spotters to see them more clearly. The Puffin Bubble 15 Tow Float is ideal for increasing safety in a variety of swimming situations. The tow float can be used on solo swims, swimming with groups and adventure swimming. It can be used in all swimming conditions.


Bubble Swim Tow Float Specifications & Features:

  • Brightly coloured to help increase visibility to others
  • Ideal to hold onto whilst taking a rest in the water
  • Lightweight and slim shaped to reduce drag
  • Portable, can be easily deflated for carrying around
  • Capacity: 15L; Weight: 129g
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions when deflated: 29 x 48cm
  • The waist belt extends to 127cm (spares are available)


Puffin floats are designed by swim safety experts Swim the Lakes.

Spare Waist Belts are available. Each waist belt is 127cm max length and 2 can be joined together if a longer belt is required.

Instructions for using the Puffin Bubble 15 Swim Tow Float

  1. Twist airflow valve to open and blow in to inflate the float. Twist valve to close.
  2. Clip the leash attached to the float to the waist -belt.
  3. Clip the waistband around your waist and away you go.


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