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Peep Swim Safety Whistle with Lanyard


Swim Safety Whistles are made from high impact plastic, they are waterproof, lightweight, durable and non-corrodible. A high power emergency and signalling whistle which is loud enough to be heard at long distances.
Fix one to your swim float and get one for your swim buddy.

Swim Safety Whistle used for signalling, communication and emergency situations.


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Full Description

Product Description

The Peep Swim Safety Whistle has a two-chamber design and is made from durable plastic, the whistle emits a shrill, high-pitched sound.

With a built-in clip and lanyard (approx 20cm long) which makes it convenient to attach to your swim tow float, rucksack, bag, safety boat, kayak, or tuck it up your wetsuit sleeve etc. We don’t recommend having a lanyard around your neck whilst swimming.

The Puffin swim safety whistles with lanyard are great basic whistles to have as part of your outdoor swimming kit, emergency kit, hiking to tarns kit, and general outdoor kit. Use them for signaling your intentions and whereabouts to fellow swimmers, communicating to shore or boat support crew, and in emergency situations.

Puffin ‘Peep’ Swim Safety Whistle Features:

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Two-chamber design emits a high pitched sound
  • Can be heard over long distances
  • Built-in clip and lanyard for easy attachment to a bag, tow float, etc
  • Waterproof, lightweight and non-corrodible
  • Variety of uses including communication and emergency signaling.


An essential high pitch emergency whistle.

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