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Women swimming in at dawn with bright Puffin swim tow float

Puffin R20 Drybag Tow Float User Review

Ellie Merriman Reviews the Puffin R20 Drybag Tow Float

I had always wanted to give a drybag float a try so when I got the chance to try the R20 I was excited!

I spent a lot of last Summer swimming in Windermere and used a basic tow float. However, I saw limitations with it and so wanted to test the dry bag tow float during a swim one morning in February. I headed out early with two friends and a flask of hot chocolate ready for a great morning.


Lady stood in lake at dawn

I got into my swimming costume and put my phone, car keys, and a whistle into my tow float ready for a small swim. One great thing about the drybag feature is that when you blow it up it makes sure to keep anything inside the drybag nice and still. Some people ask me if their stuff will be moving around whilst they swim but that is not the case. The walls of the tow float press against your stuff and stop them from moving.

I attached it to my waist which makes swimming easy and doesn’t disrupt my stroke or kicking. During my swim, I kind of forgot that I had a tow float attached to me. It didn’t drag at all with items inside of the drybag and most importantly it kept all of my important items dry.

2 friends stood in a lake with Puffin Swim Floats

I would recommend the R20 to anybody looking at buying a tow float. It doesn’t create drag and it provides lots of room for your things, especially if you are doing a swimming adventure or cross-lake swim. Both of my friends gave the tow float a go and liked it. They are both keen swimmers and enjoy trying new swimming equipment which improves their experience.

As the Puffin R20 Drybag float is made from recycled plastic it also sits much better with all our values.

Ellie Merriman


The R20 Recycled Drybag Tow Float is available in Neon Yellow/Green or Hi-Vis Orange. The R20 is a 20L float and it is also available as a slightly larger 28L float.

R20 20L Recycled Orange and Neon Yellow Float duo

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