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Ready to Swim in the Lockdown Easing?

From May 13th everyone in England will be able to exercise outside many times per day and this includes swimming in Rivers, Lakes and the Sea. 

Please stay safe and consider the following guidelines.

Safety First

Put the safety of yourself and others first. 

Check out the dangers, inc entering and exiting the water, currents, entrapment obstacles, weather. Seek advice from others via Facebook groups etc.

Keep Social Distancing

Swim with members of your own household but keep 2m away from others. You can swim one to one with another person not from your household along as you keep 2m distance.

Beware of potential virus touch transfer areas inc; gates, railings. Plan your route and changing space to keep a safe distance from others. 

Confident & Experienced Swimmers 

Consider your outdoor swimming ability, experience and the prevailing weather conditions; are you confident in all these? If not, it’s probably better to postpone your swim. 

Take a Puffin Swim tow float for safety.

Awareness of Coldwater shock 

Take incremental steps to build up your cold water acclimatisation and allow your body to get used to dealing with the cold. 

Swim Local

Be mindful of travelling to popular rural areas in England such as the Lake District and Cornwall where they are asking people not to travel too. Check local knowledge for advice. 

Please share our infographic: Ready to Swim Safety Infographic

infographic about swimming safety

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