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It’s not easy in business to be sustainable or eco-friendly as consumerism is mainly driven by price, but one of our missions is to use our business to try to raise awareness of environmental issues, this has to lead us to ask the question of ourselves and our suppliers – Can we do better? If we keep asking the question it helps us to change our environmental impact for the better.  We are not perfect but we are moving in the right direction.

In 2018 were the first company to launch an Eco-friendly tow float in the UK, the Puffin Billy Eco15 ( and now Eco25) are made with bio-degradable TPU, a material that is much better for the environment than the often used PVC. 

The Billy Eco floats continue to be popular and in 2021 we are taking steps to improve the eco-credentials of these floats further.

In April 2021 we are the first to launch a fabulous family of tow floats and drybags made with recycled plastic bottles. Using recycled materials helps reduce the plastic going to landfill it is much more sustainable.

Where possible we have chosen to reduce our product packaging and remove unnecessary plastic packaging, Examples include the Waterproof Waist Pouches and Phone Pouches where we rejected plastic packaging and they now come wrapped in tissue.

We have listened to our customers and redesigned elements of our products that we needed to make more durable.
Our postal packaging is mainly made from party recycled contents or is recyclable.

But we know we can do better, we challenge our suppliers and ourselves and our customers also challenge us to do better.

Thank you for choosing Puffin Swim.