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“I’m really pleased with the float – it was excellent! Really stable when needed, very unobtrusive whilst swimming”. Daniel Thomas. Suffolk.


“Love my Billy Eco tow float. Feel much safer out there on the lake and does not affect swimming one little bit, don’t even notice it’s there. Super light, packable and love the idea it’s degradable. For swimming adventures sums it up nicely”. Chris Stirling


“I went on a Swim the Lakes trip and loaned one of the Puffin floats as they looked a lot neater than the one I had. Perfect size for an adventure and they have a version which you can put your valuables in. As soon as we finished swimming I went to the shop and bought two I was so impressed. Nice to support a local brand and buy something that someone who does lots of wild swimming has designed based on their vast amount of experience”. Mandy Clarke.


The little Puffin dry bag is very convenient for car keys and other small valuables on a short swim like this 1km around Shag Rock and the 5knot buoy and highly visible, which is great on this sort of morning with all the glare off the sea, because it rides high in the water. @dartmoor.swimmer . From Instagram


“Have to tell you all I am loving my new Puffin dry bag tow float so much someone can have my old swim secure off me if they come get it! There is so little drag and it is more dry than my old one and I love it. It’s fab in the sea, rivers and lakes love love love
Sorry did I say I loved it? “. Naomi Fisher Naomi Fisher and Billy Eco15 tow float


“Fantastic dry bag !! Looks awesome and tows behind you effortlessly !!

What a fantastic design and well manufactured!!

Perfect item for open water swimming safety

Plus excellent customer service

I love it, thanks again”. Jim Read