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Lady Towing a swim tow float made with recycled plastic bottles

The UK’s First Swim Tow Floats Made From Recycled Bottles

UK’s first swim tow floats made from recycled bottles

AS even more people enjoy open water swimming amongst the essential kit people need are tow floats. They help keep swimmers safer and visible and their belongings dry.

And, for the first time in the UK, they are made from recycled single-use plastic bottles which is much better the environment. As Andrea Kelly from Puffin Swim explains:

“Most tow floats are made from virgin plastics like nylon which don’t sit well with eco-aware outdoor swimmers. We believe we are the first to be offering tow floats and drybags made with recycled plastic bottles. There are three versions, which are available now – a bubble tow float and two different sized drybag tow floats that can hold small items”.

“We’ve drastically reduced our use of PVC and virgin plastic so our Puffin floats set the bar high for environmentally aware, swim safety products,” adds Andrea.

Andrea also says: “Swimmers are very eco-conscious and quite rightly so. We have the privilege of swimming in some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and seas. Choosing eco-friendly floats is one way swimmers can reduce the impact of single-use plastics and help the environment.”

Peter Kelly, who has been guiding swimmers and introducing new swimmers to the Lakes since 2005, lists tow floats as one of four essential items swimmers need. That includes a wetsuit, good googles and a bright swim cap. Peter says open water swimming has huge health benefits but it is important to do it safely.


About the three new eco tow floats:

1. Puffin Bubble Eco Recycled Tow Float  – Small, low-drag safety buoy

2. Puffin Billy R20 Recycled Drybag Tow Float  – Medium-sized, low-drag drybag tow float for carrying essentials – drink, snacks, phone and keys.

3. Puffin Billy R28 Recycled Drybag Tow Float  – Large low-drag drybag tow float – that can extend swimming adventures with room for light clothing and footwear. A perfect all-rounder and the favourite of the swim guides at Swim the Lakes.


In 2018 Puffin Swim were the first in the UK to launch an eco-friendly tow float- the Billy Eco15 which uses biodegradable TPU instead of PVC.

Puffin Swim are further reducing the environmental impacts of their products and aim to launch even more eco-friendly swim safety floats this June 2021. The updated Billy Eco15 and Billy Eco25 do not only use PVC-free material but will also use recycled plastic to replace the nylon used in their construction, making them the most eco-friendly tow float available.


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