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Which Swim Tow Float Do I Need?

Ah, decisions decisions. Which Tow Float Do I Need? is a fairly common question and there are a few points to consider when choosing your swim tow float. Here’s our guide to help you decide Which Puffin Tow Float to Choose. Tow floats are hi-visibility bubbles of air that are towed behind the swimmer for improved safety and for rest stops, they differ in their features (such as handles, built-in whistles) and storage ability. Tow floats also vary in how eco-friendly their materials and manufacture is too, at Puffin we have a range of eco-friendly and recycled tow floats. The term ‘Tow floats’ is generally used as an umbrella term that encompasses both regular tow floats and drybag floats. Regular Tow Floats Tow Floats are bright bubbles of air these are great for safety and rest stops but don’t have any waterproof storage. All Puffin regular tow floats are called ‘bubbles’. Drybag Floats Drybag Floats are bright bags of air these are great for safety and rest stops and also include an in-built waterproof drybag for taking items with you on your swim. All Puffin drybag floats are called ‘Billys’.

How To Choose the Right Tow Float For You.

Name Size Materials Storage Examples Suggested Uses
Bubble Float   PVC n/a group swim venues, wild swims, supported open water swims
Bubble Eco Float**   RPET/PVC n/a group swim venues, wild swims, supported open water swims
Billy Eco15 Drybag* 15L RPET/TPU Phone, keys, energy bar swim venues, wild swims, open water swims, SwimRun, SUP storage
Billy Eco25 Drybag* 25L RPET/TPU phone, keys, energy bar, T-Shirt, shorts small towel, flip-flops swim venues, open water swims, SUP storage, SwimRun, whenever you need dry storage
Billy R20 Recycled Drybag** 20L RPET/PVC phone, keys, small towel, T-shirt, shorts, swim venues, open water swims, SUP, whenever you need dry storage
Billy R28 Recycled Drybag** 28L RPET/PVC phone, keys, energy bar, T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops, small towel, water bottle, flip-flops swim venues, open water swims, SUP, whenever you need dry storage
Storage Accessories        
Waterproof Waist Pouch   PVC phone, key, money Dog walking, SwimRun, SUP, Beach, Swimming, wet walks
Waterproof Phone Pouch   PVC phone or key, money Swimming, SUP, Beach, Wet walks and runs


What to Put in Your Drybag Tow Float

What you wish to take with you on your swim will vary depending on the swim and your circumstances but there are some common small items that swimmers find handy to take, such as keys, phone, energy food, drinks, medication, small camera, lightweight footwear, small towel, t-shirt, etc. Remember whatever you take does have to be fairly lightweight and leave enough volume for the air to float the bag, of course, you don’t have to put anything in your drybag float, you can use it empty and simply use it as a regular tow float. NB: We recommend all electronic items are double-bagged, i.e. place them in a small waterproof bag or phone pouch before placing them inside your drybag tow float for added waterproof security.

Eco Credentials

*Eco-Friendly Range

Our Eco-friendly range of drybags floats are made from Biodegradable TPU and recycled single-use plastic. The material for these drybags is PVC-Free. These are the most eco-friendly floats available as they help reduce plastic going to landfill and the manufacturing process is better for the environment. These include the Billy Eco15 and the Billy Eco25.

**Recycled Range

Our Recycled range of tow floats and drybags are made from recycled single-use plastic and PVC. These floats help reduce plastic going to landfills and are a great sustainable option. These floats include the Billy R20, Billy R28, and Bubble Eco.

Find out more about our Eco-friendly and Recycled tow floats here.

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