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Eco-Friendly and Recycled Swim Tow Floats

Eco-Friendly and Recycled Swim Tow Floats

Swim tow floats are an essential safety item for many outdoor swimmers providing, safety, visibility, and a place to store those essentials. The eco-friendly and recycled range of tow floats from Puffin swim are the first choice for swimmers who wish to reduce their impact on the environment and help reduce single-use plastics heading to landfills.

Eco-friendly Drybag Tow Floats

In 2018 Puffin Swim introduced the first eco-friendly tow float to UK swimmers, the Billy Eco15 Drybag Float. The Billy Eco15, made with bio-degradable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), broke new ground (or waters) in tow float manufacture because the Eco float uses TPU instead of PVC.
Most tow floats are made by applying PVC to nylon, but PVC is toxic in its manufacture and disposal. TPU is better for the environment and can degrade in 3-5 years, in the right composting environment.

Improved Eco-friendly-ness

Now (Summer 2021) we have taken the sustainability of the Billy Eco Float a step further by using recycled single-use plastic (RPET) to replace the nylon in the Billy Eco float material.

The Billy Eco15 remains our most popular drybag float, it’s light, bright, durable, very flexible, and packable.

We now have 2 sizes in the Billy Eco floats and both are made with PVC-free material (Recycled single-use plastic and bio-degradable TPU).
These eco-friendly drybag floats are hi-viz and help increase the swimmers’ visibility to other water users, plus swimmers can take items with them as they swim. They are the perfect choice for the eco-conscious swimmer.

Recycled Tow Floats

Puffin Swim launched the first recycled range of tow floats in the UK in spring 2021, these tow floats are made with recycled single-use plastic (RPET) and PVC. The range includes the Billy R20 (20L) and the slightly larger R28 (28L) Recycled Drybag floats and the Bubble Eco Recycled tow float.

The Billy R20 & R28 Recycled drybags are hi-viz and increase the swimmers’ visibility to other water users and enable the swimmer to take items with them as they swim.

The Bubble Eco Recycled tow float is a towable bright bubble of air to increase the safety of the swimmer and is great for swimmers who want extra safety but don’t wish to carry items.


Join Puffin Swim in our sustainable swimming challenge and use one of our Eco-friendly or recycled tow floats on your swimming adventures and stay safe whilst helping out the planet.


Eco Floats – Eco15 and Eco25

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